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Business Meeting

Our Team

At Mercy Vet Partners, we're a team of professionals with extensive experience in the veterinary and medical waste disposal industries. Our priorities are providing exceptional service and savings for TVC partner organizations, ensuring you stay safe and compliant.  We promote a culture of integrity and value, and our offering includes sharps, regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, pathological and trace chemotherapy. 

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National Footprint

Mercy Vet Partners is a leading provider of medical waste disposal solutions, with a national network of  services, locations and affiliates. We are the exclusive medical waste disposal partner of The Veterinary Cooperative (TVC), and service veterinary organizations of all sizes. 

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Sustainability, Conservation and Responsibility

At Mercy Vet Partners, we share a deep commitment to environmental protection.  We cultivate socially responsible practices, and provide a portfolio of solutions to protect environmental, human and animal health. Our focus is safeguarding the communities in which we do business, and minimizing environmental impact for future generations.

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